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Nov 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
's right. four years ago president obama said he would do all these great things, hope and change. heed cut the deficit in half, heed bring everybody together. the deficit has doubled. it's the most partisan time we've had and just look at the jobs that didn't occur. we got a new jobs report today. unemployment is higher than the day he took office. you got 23 million americans struggling for work today. 15% of our fellow citizens living in poverty today. that's the highest in a generation. all those jobs he said heed create if he borrowed a lot of money and gave it to these interest groups, it didn't material lies. -- materialize. we have a jobs crisis. wouldn't it be nice to actually have a job creator in the white house for a change? [applause] four years ago i want to read you a quote. if you don't have fresh ideas, use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on then you paint your opponent someone should one from. you make a big election about small things. you know who that was four years ago. so you do know who that was four years ago. that's what president o
Nov 2, 2012 2:00pm EDT
are up. they are over the 2008 numbers. we are moving in the right direction. that is attributed to obama and the shared ground game we have in place. >> the independent line. caller: i have been following you. i appreciate your plane speak. i hope you stay true to the politics and not get into the corruption of the political atmosphere. the mess we were in from 2000 on, americans tend to say i do not like the way that was. i want to fix it. we want to talk about 200 years ago, but we will not talk about 10 years ago. mr. whose dead doing what he was doing. people need to realize the matter what side you are aon, that goes to the core. i do not trust people who say we will take care of everything. we have to make things happen rather than let things happen. what do you think? guest: good point. it is outrageous to think the secretary of state, the top election official in a state like ohio that happens to be a swing state, would try to -- >> we will break away in a moment or two to take you live to petersburg, virginia after to miss state university and the first lady, michelle obama. >>
Nov 2, 2012 10:30pm EDT
attention when the time is right. that's why you see obama doing well in places like ohio. >> again, host: again, we're being joined by tim ryan, a democrat from youngstown, ohio, via skype. we go to a caller from ohio. good morning, john. caller: good morning. good morning, mr. ryan. i am calling to ask you if you're familiar with the ballots that are -- they're having trouble with in switching over when they're voting for mitt romney and at the end the check mark is then over on the democratic side? are you familiar with them? there's been a couple of programs of it. one of them is right here in columbus, ohio. where they've had a few, i'm not going to say a gaggle of them but there's been quite a few. but then i heard you earlier on the delphi workers, that you and senator brown was trying to work something out for them. i just watched a program on that where they were interviewing the delphi workers themselves. they said they have no pension. they're not getting any pension. so it's kind of -- this kind of spin sounds like it's coming from you there a little bit. >> congressman ryan?
Oct 29, 2012 8:00pm EDT
obama is directly addressing them, directly saying, if you want your rights as a woman to plan your own life, your rights as a woman, to table to assert yourself, you better vote for me, because mitt romney will rein in those rights. that issue resonates very strongly around iowa. women voters can make a difference in this election. if you look at polling, the polling among male voters is pretty even. among women voters, barack obama has a pretty strong lead. this election in iowa and in many other states, i think, is going to be a turn out game -- who can get their voters to the polls on election day. barack obama, to say, i have a lead with women voters, so let's make sure we get them out on election day and let's give them a reason to show up. this is what he thinks is the reason women will show up and vote for employer. host: a story in the quad city times -- iowa is the focus of our conversation right now with my glover, a senior writer for the associated press. let's hear from david on our independent line in texas. caller: hello. i believe obama has no problem. this is the media
Oct 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
this state, the will be well on the way to bring barack obama back to the white house for four more years. you all can do it. crowd: four more years! >> right here. so here's the plan -- we got a plan. it's a secret plan so come in close. here's what we need you to do for the next 11 days. we need you to work but yet never worked before. this is focus stuff. sign up to be one of our volunteers. sign up to make phone calls, to knock on doors. talk to everyone you know. your friends, if your neighbors, the cousin you have not seen in a long time, that class may. now is the time to pull them in and tell them what is at stake. especially for the young people here. i do not want young people to ever underestimate the power of what they can do. i cannot tell you how many young people i have run into who told me that in 2008, they said my parents and grandparents were not going to vote for barack obama but when i talked to them about what this election meant for my future, i convinced them to vote for the president. so that as the power of what you can do. [applause] you often tell people that t
Oct 30, 2012 1:00am EDT
? if that is true we ought to know because that law is in effect for right now. what happened last year? he had a number of companies providing medicare advantage to 17% of people who are paying 16% less. president obama strengthened health-care. [applause] i want to say something about energy. ohio is not just about gas and coal. you also people working in the solar and wind industry. mitt romney's policy is all of the above except nothing for wind and nothing for solar. we have 100,000 americans working in the solar industry today. the prices are dropping. we rank first or second in the world in the ability to generate electricity from the sun. all of the above is the right position. the last thing i want to say is i am for president obama because his budget adds up. in the last 50 years there have been five surpluses. when republicans talk, let's not forget we never had a structural debt in this country in times of economic growth before 1981. we'd run little deficits and we were already investing more with a long-term payoff. we tripled the debt in the first eight years of 1980's and then i
Oct 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
in the right direction. we're on the right track. we came from a big hole. the president has dug hymn out of this -- himself out of this whole. host: your job and the obama campaign's job more difficult because of the reerecall? guest: i don't think it has an impact one way or the other. host: and so this is mike tate of the wisconsin democratic party joining us and talking about issues when it comes to wisconsin. we track one more call. ohio republican line good morning. caller: yes. i love how obama has taken such pride in saying that he has created so many jobs. there are so many people that are having to work part time jobs or working two -- temporary jobs whatever trying to make ends meet because they're not hiring full time. and they count these as one full job. i don't get that pride that obama can have on that. also, i love how you skipped over benghazi. people are ignoring and finding out the truth and how obama has lied about benghazi. and it's going to hit him in the face whether or not he's president again or what. unless you guys think that you can hide everything from the un
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)